There are various ways of seeing the reality and we may have this possibility by means of a photo camera. Since taking my first black and white photos I’ve been trying to get an image which wouldn’t just be a copy of what I see behind the lens.

This is how my camera has become an instrument between what I see in reality and what I want to see beyond it – fantastic world in which real objects are overlapped by those reflected, where people walk and run, taken by their thoughts and I can imagine them living in unreal worlds. In those worlds the walls (streets) of our metropolis become artworks in open air and water can create scenes of different shapes and colors.

And so the most precious moments of my life – sometimes vivid and sometimes almost fading – are imprinted on a photo picture, the image which expresses my spirit more than any other.

The pictures must not be simply observed, but watched with great attention, because this is the only way for you to catch more than just a photographer’s vision and see foremost what you want to see.