When the beam of light touches a glass, real figures and reflected shapes get magically blended into a single image. This is the way I see hectic life of London on the windshield of a bus. The Klimt’s romantic kiss surrounded by the columns of Assisi church. A shark immersing among buildings of Trieste or Yuriy Gagarin and Jimi Hendrix undertaking some kind of an improbable space trip together. This is my dreamy way of seeing the reality


Memories are like a flowerbed. There are flowers catching your eye at the very first sight, but if you are in search for something better, you find many others – minutes and precious moments hidden in petals. They are like our most precious memories, hidden in the maze of our mind


I walk through the crowd, immersed in my thoughts when a poster or murals draw my attention. People on the street suddenly take on guises of surreal and fantastic characters. I see Gulliver, having a stroll among giants. Oriental couple, happy for their daughter, who’s curious to open received presents. Passer-by, who suddenly finds himself in XVII century. This all takes an instant and the next moment I just keep on walking in the middle of cars and smog.


Water has millions of faces. When it is calm, your eye catches beautiful views. If tumultuous – all you can see are just abstract images running in the stream


Sometimes walls can be obstacles, limiting your sight and imagination. But they often become virgin canvases aimed to be painted with one’s desires, prayers or protests. I spent many hours looking at thousands of writings and drawings on the Dispute wall of Prague. It’s a kaleidoscope of signatures and shapes, overlapping each other and forming other countless images. Drowned in my thoughts I lost track of time and suddenly found myself in 1968

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